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Temporary Works Design @website @LinkedIn

Software Engineer
Oct 2022 – present. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Software engineer primarily focused on automating the design processes inside the company, but also building web based applications for external clients. I spent the majority of 2023 on development a Deck Layout Configurator app. Web based solution to upload, display, and combine dwg files inside the web browser. Application is using Autodesk Platform Services Viewer as a main engine. Demo of the app can be viewed @here.

The stack that I am working with is: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, VB.NET, Python

Pontis Engineering @website @LinkedIn

Composite Design Engineer
Jan 2020 – Sept 2022. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Employed for a position of composite design engineer, but nicely tuning in wherever needed. Most of my tasks involve development of early stage of the project including Finite Element Method analysis, CAD design both parts and tooling. Building prototypes using traditional methods or 3D printing is possible. Running laboratory scale testing.

Working for biggest the OEM’s in Wind Industry, and taking part in development projects of the biggest wind blades in the world.

Recently started to develop a range of custom supplementary tools using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). I developed several scripts, commercially for customers and also for internal use. Built online interactive documentation service for improved maintenance and introduced Version Control System.
Exemplary projects are the Layup building tool for DraftSight, Custom Toolbar for Siemens Femap, Configuration calculator for composite frames, Office attendance registry.

My main responsibilities are to create a tangible product or technology from clients requirements or ideas.

New Era Materials @website @LinkedIn

Composite R&D Engineer
Jan 2017 – Dec 2019. Cracow, Poland

Product Development Engineer, responsible for providing manufacturing technology using unique in house developed products, solid-state composite pre-preg. Working closely with the chemical department to provide feedback on structural and engineering standpoint on the product. Supporting customers on introducing novel technology in their facilities. Running optimization tests to achieve the best performing part from the manufacturing process.

Designing and delivering tooling used for serial production of composite elements. Responsible for programming and overseeing production on CNC machines. Involved in developing new tooling technology using Synthetic Laser Sintering 3D printing method to provide functional prototypes in a competitively short time due to partial automation of the process.

Taking part in an innovative project to deliver technology for embedding sensors/electronics into a composite structure.

Anpharm Pharmaceutical @website @LinkedIn

Postgraduate intern
Jul 2016 – Sep 2016. Warsaw, Poland

Design, manufacturing and programming of automatic diagnosis system for the pneumatic circuit of an electrostatic counting machine.
The scope of the project was to design a detection system of pneumatic pistons wear and tear, without the necessity of using a high-speed camera. Degradation of pistons results in a wrong number of medications contained in a single package. Due to the high working speed of the machine, it was impossible to easily detect a fault in a pneumatic circuit.

The developed system deployed using RaspberryPi was connected to the machine motherboard to constantly monitor the work of the pneumatic pistons. When the piston slowed down system was highlighting faulty and informed technicians about the error, indicating a particular piston that requires a replacement.

The system reduced the machine downtime and significantly decreased the risk of failure increasing overall efficiency.


Warsaw University of Technology

Faculty of Mechatronics, specialization in Robotics
Sep 2014 – Feb 2017. Warsaw, Poland

Masters Thesis: Design and development robotic module concept for automatic collection and distribution of standardized containers.
Project realized with for an external company @Versabox to design an autonomous system utilizing Fatboy transportation platform to handle warehouse space storing medium to small size items. The system consisted of two collaborating units managed by Warehouse Management System. One adapted to pick & place operation and second being a transporter and conveyor. The thesis has been concluded with a pros & cons analysis with a consequences summary of investment in such a system.

Faculty of Mechatronics, specialization in Automation Control
Sep 2011 – Feb 2014. Warsaw, Poland

Engineering Thesis: Identification of mathematical model of an inverted pendulum.
The study focused on the identification of a mathematical model of the inverted pendulum, based on the measurements taken on self-built laboratory test unit. Paper presented two methods of verification: based on simulation and real object readouts. Simulation studies for the identification process were held with the use of Matlab/Simulink software. The object was created in accordance with a mathematical model of an inverted pendulum. Experiments were conducted on a laboratory stand, based on Atmel microcontroller, constructed especially for the project.

Technical University Dresden

Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology, Mechanical Engineering
Apr 2015 – Apr 2016. Dresden, Germany

Project: Design and development of High Voltage Transmission Lines inspection Robot. The outlook of the project was to deliver a device that will improve currently existing methods of inspecting transmission lines. Aside from being the founder of the project I was responsible for a conceptual solution, which was followed by detailed design, manufactured and verified on a laboratory scale. Using composite materials, which were the structural foundation we managed to achieve a significantly lower weight, compared to different solutions of the same purpose.

After the Student’s Exchange programme ended, my work on the project continued due to the potential of commercialization. The project was finalized winning 1st prize in ENEA+ INNOVATION, a contest for the most innovative project that fits into business strategy of energy providing company. The contest was of national rank.


WUT Solar Boat Team

Apr 2016 - Sept 2016. Warsaw, Poland

The project focused on building a fully solar-powered 6-meter long boat that will take part in a boating race. Within the team of 10 people, we built a boat that qualified for worldwide championship, Solar1 Boat Challenge in Monaco.

Boat was built using carbon fiber reinforced composites and aluminium elements, it was powered with solar cells, 980 Watts of total power output. In addition to that we developed a system of hydrofoils that reduced water resistance increasing maximum speed.

Robomatic student’s association

Sept 2014 - Mar 2015. Warsaw, Poland

As a member of student’s association while studying at Warsaw University of Technology, I co-organized nationwide tournament of mobile robots, Robomaticon @website. The tournament gathered over 1000 participants from an entire country with several from across Europe. It attracted the attention of around 5000 visitors and public media, taking place in the main hall of WUT.

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