why have a website if social media covers it all.

My goal for this website is to create a space that is leaning more towards my professional activity rather than personal.

As much as I like LinkedIn as a tool to create a broad network of professionals, I do not perceive it as a place suitable for the more detailed technical articles I intend to post here.

Moreover, I want it to be my business card I can refer someone to, that stores not only my accomplishments I want to present but also useful information that may save someone’s valuable time. On top of that, I just think that this is a good boost of motivation to create something viable which is outside my area of competence. I started programming to broaden my skills and improve working efficiency and this kind of project is a decent summit to summarize it and put as an example of those skills, even though my usual code-related projects are more back-end focused.

This website will also fulfil my ambition of having a hub, that will store my detailed resume. I believe that if one takes an effort of visiting this website, he does that for a reason, and I do not need to focus on injecting a description of my experience with keywords to position my profile high enough in the LinkedIn search engine. Posts will be equipped with appropriate tags, so the user can easily search for interesting content.